Has no one heard of here?

We woke up early after only a few hours in Thailand only to be whisked back to the airport (after our first monk siting!) for a short flight to Ko Samui.

At the Suvarnabhumi International Airport before flying to Ko Samui

At the airport we were pleased to find that America wasn’t too far away and made our first Thai purchase:  Dunkin Donuts.  Eli also had his first experience learning that the Thai do not take their (1) coffee in the first place with (2) any sort of plain dairy product.  There is just no way to mime yourself through a request for half and half.

We were absolutely beside ourselves with glee to find that Bangkok Airways is no less of a treat than JAL, and on a tiny 1 hour flight no less!  The plane was beautiful, service fantastic, and we even received a full meal of surprisingly good pad thai for breakfast.  I sat next to a nice young Brit named Michael who had just arrived that morning on a long trip from London and was on his way to the Half Moon Festival on Ko Phagnan.

Mike, the Brit.

We meandered through the BEAUTIFUL Ko Samui airport (which is completely open to the elements and had the fanciest bathrooms in all of Southeast Asia) to find a ride to our hotel and off we went.  Off we went…to heaven.

Arriving at Hammock Samui Beach
Our first view of Maenam Beach with Ko Phagnan in the distance
Wandering around our part of town

IMG_0847 IMG_0841

A necessary mojito to celebrate not being on an airplane
Chilling in the namesake hammock mid left view. That balcony hosted our breakfast each morning.

We stayed at the Hammock Samui Beach on Maenam Beach, the longest stretch of beach on the island.  It is the place I’ll return to in my dreams for the rest of my life.  The staff were so kind and very friendly, couldn’t be bothered at all by the language barrier.  Our room was 2 rows away from the beach but only MAYBE 50 steps away.  We were so sad to stay for only two nights but it allowed us the majority of a day to lounge on the beach and explore our immediate surroundings, as well as a day of adventure out at Angthong National Marine Park.

We decided that when we return to Thailand we would definitely come back to Ko Samui and stay here again.  We paid $60/night for our room and it included a full breakfast buffet each morning.  There was hardly anyone there which we couldn’t BELIEVE.  Has no one ever heard of this magical place?  Good.

We stayed at: The Hammock Samui Beach Resort

We flew from Bangkok to Ko Samui on: Bangkok Airways

We booked our travel through: Momondo


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