Friday Fodder for Happy Hour

San-Diego-Pride-ParadeTalk about this stuff at Happy Hour this afternoon…

The “Swiss Army Knife” of travel items – I’m ready for the bomber version of this jacket.

What are you supposed to do with old light bulbs and plastic bags?  Recycling Demystified

President Obama became the first sitting President to visit a Federal Prison at El Reno yesterday.

Who doesn’t love a Royal Wedding?  But did the guests play corn-hole during cocktail hour?

This is nipple shaming for cats.

Paul Rudd is a vampire.

How to kill it at your maid of honor toast.  These sisters went viral SUPER fast.

A little extra cowbell to mark Will Ferrell’s birthday.

Pluto and Charon are 4.67 BILLION miles away from earth.  And they’re on your computer screen.

Just give Leo an Oscar already.  This looks fantastic.

Is anyone else going to Pride this weekend in San Diego?  See ya there!  #lovewins


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