On Wednesdays we set goals…

Mini goals.  Swear.

Of the multiple hats I hope this blog will wear, I’d like to throw on another one in the spirit of Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack.

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I don’t know…how to blog

So it turns out being an adult is expensive.  It is also really complicated.  Guys.  No one told me to expect this stuff.  As a millennial, I feel personally victimized by your inability to make life easier.  Even my iPhone doesn’t have the answers for me.  Are you telling me I have to figure life out by myself?  I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.

In the last year I’ve had to try to learn how to be a mom, how to be a partner in parenthood, how to buy a house…and honestly there are at least like 2 times per 60 minute period when I think to myself the following words:

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