On Wednesdays we set goals…

Mini goals.  Swear.

Of the multiple hats I hope this blog will wear, I’d like to throw on another one in the spirit of Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack.


Yes.  Hats.


I think apart from the loftier goals of learning how to mother another human being and pay all the bills on time and bake perfect bread at home (LOL but seriously stay tuned), setting small goals will be important.  It is a practice that should be important for everyone.  Failure surrounds us, so make a few things easy on yourself, right?

With that in mind, at the beginning of this week, I set my first mini goal.  Regina George would be proud because this goal isn’t any carbs, unlike butter.  I’m walking a mile (1.19 miles to be exact) every evening after Jack and I eat dinner!

walkin with jack

Checking in to keep things real, and so far so good.  Don’t worry, Plastics.  I’ll be sure to wear some pink on this evening’s stroll ; )


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