Thailand Highlights

We went around Thailand on our first trip with a GoPro.  We have an older version (the Hero 3 Black) that works magically also.  I also took my first stab at editing together some highlights of the GoPro footage, if you’d like to see 🙂

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Bangkok is Smelly and Wonderful

Our last day and a half in Phuket was spent getting to know the bartenders at the main pool.  It was a vacation after all, we needed to be lazy slobs for a second.  Not a LICK of it was photo worthy, so let’s flash forward to our quick and stinky day in the capital of Thailand.

We found our place on Airbnb.  It was my first time using it and I absolutely loved it.  Easy and cheap with a SUPER nice host and this view:


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Out and About in Phuket

Our first whole day in Phuket wasn’t really in Phuket, as you saw.  Instead, it was spent in a screensaver.

In our continued quest to spend time away from the pit of comfortable first world delights, we signed up for a tour around a few cool spots on the island of Phuket.  The first stop, nice and early in the morning, was a beautiful lookout point over Karon Beach.cropped-img_0883.jpg Continue reading “Out and About in Phuket”

“International Bathrooms” and Beach Drop Offs

Wanting to make the most of our free day in Ko Samui, Eli signed us up for a trek through the waters, sands and hills of Angthong National Marine Park which is about an hour northeast of our island home.

We were picked up at the hotel by a van containing a very large very excited Chinese family who happened to be taking the same tour as us.  We all tumbled from the van out onto the main harbor on Ko Samui to be checked in and herded (with at least 500 other people) into the appropriate tour groups to wait for our respective speed boats.  While waiting for our boat, I thought I’d use the restroom.


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Beer: Trans-Oceanic Flight Medication

We left San Diego International Airport on Sunday June 21st on a Japan Airlines flight that left in the early afternoon.  We were excited to fly for the first time as “Trusted Travelers” who could skip the TSA security lines…only to find that JAL doesn’t participate in the program.  So, we joined the rest of civilization in a line that we didn’t care about because we were on our way to Thailand where they don’t let you read work email, even if your life depended on it.

We confirmed the location of our gate on our way to the Stone Brewing Company, and not the other way around.  We each ordered taster flights and broke out the new GoPro for its inaugural Thailand video.

Flights before the flight! Yuk yuk yuk…

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