Friday Fodder for Happy Hour

Happy Friday!  I’m headed home to the Huntington Library for fancy pants tea celebrate my mom’s 34th birthday (again).  Talk about this stuff at happy hour this evening…

huntington library

Peggy Olson started from the bottom

What would you do if you saw this art walking around on the beach?

Jon Stewart had his final interview with President Obama this week.

Do you know the basics of the Iran Nuclear Deal?  (And do you pronounce the word correctly?)

This guy puts my finger guns dance moves to shame…

Have you seen the new tortoiseshell hair color trend on the streets?  I’m doing it!

Ready to go for a swim in the ocean now?

An inspirational (and refreshing and beautiful and duh) magazine cover.  It won’t make me go for a job, but is still really cool.

Oh hey cousin Kepler!

Nearly three years to the day since Aurora.  There really are no words.  Lafayette Movie Theater Shooting


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